NAMM 2011: Pioneer DDJ-S1 FIRST LOOK

For good measure we got the full rundown on Pioneer’s new two channel controller that works with Serato ITCH, the DDJ-S1.  Looks like all the hands on features you’d want to get around ITCH with the same unique design that hides your laptop completely under the unit taking up less space and putting the screen right where you want it.  Wish we could see some scratching on those jog wheels.  I’m always weary of non motorized decks but if they’ve got the same response as the CDJ 900 or 2000 they’ll be good enough to get the job done for most club DJ’s. A little strange that this is only two channel seeing ITCH has four channel functionality with the Xone:DX and now the Numark NS-6 as well.  But, with fewer channels comes more stable and focused DJing, something I think many Serato users are looking for in their software platform.

NAMM 2011: Pioneer DDJ-T1 FIRST LOOK

The first in many more to come here’s our exclusive look at the DDJ-T1 from inside NAMM.  Pioneer has already released a feature video on it’s Serato counterpart the DDJ-S1, and now here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the four channel Traktor design.

It looks as though it really does emulate the feel of a CDJ, with similar button style and layout, while at the same time manifesting specific functions of Traktor into it’s a layout with the Effects and Fliter knobs. The layout of the mixer looks extremely intuitive and I’d expect no less from Pioneer. Cueing and assigning effects to the channels is clearly indicated by the light up buttons and the “master” and “sync” buttons look particularly useful when keeping track of your sync function in Traktor.

Overall not that far off from playing on a pair of CDJ-2000’s and a DJM-800.  You’ll miss your built in effects if you’re used to having them on the mixer but if you’re a serious Traktor user already or looking to dive in deeper this could get you there in a more compact and portable unit.