Arturia MicroBrute with Dan Ingala (Plushgun)

Arturia Microbrute

We gave Dan Ingala (of the band Plushgun) the brand-new MicroBrute analog synth from Arturia. He made a demo track – check the video above to see him perform it. All the sounds except for the drums were created on the MicroBrute.

Download the session file (for Ableton Live):

For more info, visit:

NAMM 2011: Arturia Spark Drum Machine FIRST LOOK

Arturia forges forward with a drum controller that aesthetically matches their “Analog Experience” line of controllers.  Like the keyboard controllers, the Spark comes with a custom piece of software featuring lots of sounds and presets.  You can load your own samples into the software, or build sounds with the Physical Modeling synth built in.  The controller gives you lots of knobs to tweak, and both drum pads and step sequencer controls to cater to both playing beats live or sequencing them classic drum machine style.  This form of hardware/software hybrid was really made popular by the Native Instrument’s Maschine, but I think that’s mainly because the Maschine offers a built in sound card and is really all you needed to cross software bridge if you were used to working with an MPC as your main workstation.  The Spark works similarly in that it handles all the mapping your would be doing to your drums as a dedicated interface, but part of me wishes it did more from a production standpoint.  Still, if you don’t yet have a way to make beats hands on, Arturia may have your solution.