I read somewhere that 2010 is the year of branded entertainment.  Thankfully that hasn’t limited itself to salad dressing or paper towel companies.  Moog is putting on what looks to be a big throwdown in Asheville, NC in October.  Synth heavy tastemakers like Big Boi, Hot Chip, MGMT, and Dam Funk will play alongside workshops and panel discussions.  Check the link to get your Moog on!

Moogest 2010

harDCore Live! Fugazi's Concert Archive

People who were young and angry from the late 80’s through the early part of the millenium, rejoice!  DC’s favorite redheaded stepsons, Fugazi, are apparently preparing to release their surprisingly complete live concert archive online within the next year.  World of Fugazi has more regarding the news, directly supplied to them by Fugazi’s very own Fly Girl, Guy Picciotto.  Everybody get your rage out, but don’t forget to be respectful of those around you.