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In addition to working on the ProAudioStar web team, Mike produces and DJ's regularly in NYC as Mike Device.

Win a Mackie DL1608 + SRM PA Setup!


We’re giving away a Mackie DL1608 + SRM PA setup over on our Facebook page. The grand prize package includes (1) DL1608 mixer, (2) SRM4503v3 speakers, (2) SRM1801 subwoofers, and (2) SPM200 speaker poles. Click here to enter!

* Contest ends September 26th, 2014 at 11:59PM EDT. Must be a US resident to be eligible to win. Winner must respond within 10 business days or a new winner will be drawn.

Giveaway: Win a pair of Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 Lights!

Giveaway: Win a pair of Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 Lights!


We’re giving away a pair of Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 lights*.  A 75-watt LED combined with superior optics makes this fixture considerably brighter than most 90-watt LED fixtures currently on the market. This feature packed moving head features a motorized focus for crisp, rotating gobos when projected from most distances.


*Must be a US resident to be eligible to win. Winner must respond within 10 business days or a new winner will be drawn.

QSC K12 Giveaway – Get $100 For Entering!


We’re giving away a QSC K12 PA setup on our Facebook page. PLUS we’re giving a $100 coupon to everyone who signs up. The grand prize package includes 2 QSC K12 12″ powered speakers, 2 speaker stands, and 2 20-foot XLR cables. Click here to enter!

*Contest ends May 31, 2014. Must be a US resident to be eligible to win. Coupon code is good for $100 off purchases of $399 or more at ProAudioStar. Offer good on brand new, regularly priced items only. Some exclusions may apply, click here for details.

New Gear: Icon QCon Pro & iControls Pro


iControl Pro (left), QCon Pro (right)

Recently I had a chance to check out a couple of new items we are carrying here, the QCon Pro ($746.99) and iControls Pro ($386.99) from Icon. Both of these offer motorized faders and the ability to integrate with Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Samplitude, and Ableton Live with Mackie Control, and with Pro Tools via Mackie HUI Control. I tested these out with Ableton Live.

Setting up both of these devices was easy, using the included software and instructions. It only took a few minuted to get either one of them up and running with my software. Once set up all the controls are mapped in a logical way and did what you would expect.

These units have a good build quality.  They both are heavier than you would expect, and generally feel very solid. As you might expect from it’s higher pricepoint, the QCon Pro definitely has the nicer finish of the 2 units, especially in terms of the faders and knobs not being as plastic-y. Additionally It has multi-colored LEDs, an LCD display screen, and LED level meters for each track. The styling of these might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the price I am willing to turn a blind eye to that.

In terms of usage, I loved the QCon Pro – it does everything you would want it to, and the mapping for Ableton Live seemed to be spot on. The LCD scribble strips and LED meters made it very easy to be able to adjust almost everything without having to touch – or even look at – the computer.  The iControls Pro took a bit more getting used to, since the lack of any type of display made it a bit harder to use than its larger cousin. However, it still could be a good choice for someone with limited space and/or budget, who is looking to be able to mix tracks on a board, or as part of a portable setup. It’s worth noting that the QCon Pro is fairly large so might be too big for some setups.

Right now there’s nothing that can touch these controllers at this price point. Behringer will be dropping some competition in a few months, and it will be interesting to see how they all compare.

Arturia MicroBrute with Dan Ingala (Plushgun)

Arturia Microbrute

We gave Dan Ingala (of the band Plushgun) the brand-new MicroBrute analog synth from Arturia. He made a demo track – check the video above to see him perform it. All the sounds except for the drums were created on the MicroBrute.

Download the session file (for Ableton Live):

For more info, visit: http://www.proaudiostar.com/landing/arturia-microbrute

Korg Volca Series with Beto Cravioto

Korg Volca Series

We gave a set of the new Korg Volcas to Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Beto Cravioto and he gave us a taste of how powerful these little synths can be. He dropped by Virtue & Vice studios and improvised this track on the spot.

Check out the Volcas here.

Listen to Beto’s music over at Soundcloud, see his upcoming shows at Kaviar Disco Club, and buy his latest release on Plant Music, “Where You and I Meet”, over at iTunes.

SBS Designs ISO-Q2

Last week Shorty from SBS Designs dropped by our office with some new gear for us to try out. One of the products was the ISO-Q2 isolator. This is already in use by a number of a-list touring dj’s, and if you’re a fan of outboard gear or are putting together a club installation the ISO-Q2 has some unique features that definitely make it worth taking a look at. I set up the ISO-Q2 and gave it a quick run through:


On the front panel of the ISO-Q2, right in the middle you have the standard knobs you’d expect on any DJ isolator – Bass, Mid, & Treble. What sets this one apart is the addition of 2 extra knobs that you won’t find on other isolators – bass frequency cutoff and the treble frequency cutoff. These are super nice for a couple of reasons. First, because you can tailor your frequency cut offs to the particular track or genre you are playing – you would want a different cut off point for techno and disco for example.  These are also useful for creating some neat effects where you can, for example, cut the bass gain and then change the cut off frequency for an added sweep effect.

SBS-ISOQ2 Back Panel


On the back panel you can find 2 more features that set this apart from other isolators out there. The ISO-Q2 has an effects send / return (I set up with a Mini Kaoss Pad to test it out) that is by passable with a switch on the back panel.  The other notable feature on the back is a Master Gain knob, which can be useful for a couple of things. You can use it to provide a little headroom for your system to protect from dj’s who go a little heavy on the gain, or you can use it to boost a signal from a lower-output mixer.

I recorded a quick demo using the ISO-Q2, you can listen below. Track info: Beto Cravioto – Inherent Vice (Cameo Culture Remix), out now on Plant Music.