New Video! – Korg TRITON taktile USB Controller Keyboard / Synthesizer | ProAudioStar

TRITON taktile is a USB/MIDI controller that includes 512 program sounds from the legendary Korg TRITON workstation. The sounds range from standards such as electric piano and organ to synth leads for soloing and elegant pads, making this a treasury of sounds that will stimulate and inspire you as a player. You can also control the TRITON taktile from your computer via USB MIDI as an external sound module to enhance your existing music production setup.

TRITON taktile is equipped with the same great-feeling, semi-weighted keyboard that’s used on the KingKORG and KROME. Taktile is loaded with functions that make it fun to use, including a touch pad inherited from the Kaossilator that lets you play melodies using just a single finger; trigger pads that let you generate chords in the key and scale of your choice; and an arpeggiator that includes rhythm patterns. The TRITON taktile also delivers the functionality expected from a MIDI controller – it provides all of the basic controllers such as sliders and switches, and makes setup easy.

New Video! – TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 | Pamela Martinez of Teletextile | ProAudioStar

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 is one of the most advanced and versatile multi-effects so far. Create complete sonic textures for Vocals, Guitar, and virtually any other musical instrument. The new phrase looper allows more loop creativity with A-B-C slots. Pamela Martinez of Teletextile lends her talents to demonstrate just a few features of this amazing performance and studio tool.

From TC-Helicon website:
“With VoiceLive® 3 you get the ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping — and it will rock your world!”

Special thanks to Ed from Brooklyn Music School

New Video! – Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 | ProAudioStar

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Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 is a guitar amplifier head driven by four EL84 power tubes for 36 watts and three 12AX7s for the preamp. The GrandMeister’s Smart Rotary Controls is what allows any preamp setting (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Ultra) to have its own EQ, Presence, Resonance, and even Reverb, Delay, and Modulation. Up to 128 customizable presets are accessible and editable with the addition of the matching MIDI board FSM 432 MK III and the GM36 Remote iPad app! ProAudioStar’s own Jeremy Sosville has taken the GrandMeister 36 for a spin and has written a review detailing the features and functionality.

From Hughes and Kettner’s website:
“The GrandMeister 36 is an all analog tube amp with four independent channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead, and Ultra. The 36 watts 4xEL 84 power amp is based on the TubeMeister 36, but the 3x 12AX7 preamp is completely redesigned and offers the widest tonal spectrum we ever included in an amp, from sparkling clean to highest gain. Independent gain, master, EQ settings and even presence and resonance control plus a switchable boost for each channel provide you with all the versatility a guitarist could wish for.

How? The GrandMeister’s Smart Rotary Controls allow each channel to have its own set of controls with only a minimum of pots since each control is fully remote controllable and programmable. That means you can create any sound you want, store it on 128 presets, and recall it via MIDI controller, interface or your iPad. IPad? Yes, the complimentary app for iPad enables you to check the setting of every single control, adjust them, assign names to the presets, and remote control the amp with your iPad — everything in real time. And the best news: the remote control is just the icing on the cake – all controls are accessible directly on the amp or the matching MIDI board FSM 432 MK III (not included).

And if you still feel there is something missing you might want to take advantage of the on-board effects and add some delay, chorus or one of the other modulation effects. By simply pressing FX ACCESS you can make the Smart Rotary Controls for the channel settings now work as effects controls, which keeps your user interface well structured and clear. The GrandMeister is also equipped with digital reverb as well as an intelligent dual break point noise gate, measuring the guitar signal at the input, but cutting the noise between the preamp and effects loop.

However, the GrandMeister wouldn’t be called a Meister if it weren’t for all the great features that made the Meister series so successful. The Power Soak is capable of converting the amp’s output into heat and tone and thereby gives you the opportunity to break 36 Watts down to 18, 5, 1 and 0 Watts — it goes without saying that the Power Soak is programmable and controllable via MIDI as well. Hence you can enjoy the full tube sound at home without annoying your neighbors and even do silent recording at night. The built- in RED BOX genuinely simulates a 4×12″ cabinet and sends the signal directly into the mixer, which makes it an amazingly helpful tool in the studio as well as on stage. And last but not least: The TSC (Tube Safety Control) is an automated system that constantly monitors and readjusts the bias to ensure the power tubes operate reliably and deliver the best possible tone.

The GrandMeister is the dream amp for every guitarist who wishes for unlimited access to great tube tone, including effects – all at a touch of a button.

“Rock on stage, play at home, record at night” at its best!”