Moog Sub Phatty Demonstration with Nolan DeCoster

Moog was generous to loan us a prototype Sub Phatty for a week. Right away we had to turn it on and see what it could do. A knob-per-function layout was quick to reveal a robust LFO section, 2 versatile and rich oscillators, a sub-octave square-wave oscillator, a noise generator, and a Multidrive overdrive circuit.

Just to satisfy my nerd-curiosity, I broke out the ole’ oscilloscope to see the sweeping and evolving harmonics in action. A simple sine wave will quickly reveal the added 2nd and 3rd harmonics as you add more and more of the Multidrive to the signal. It beautifully turns saws into razor blades.

Nolan, being that his desk is not too far away from mine, couldn’t stay away from it. We were left with only one option; to make a full track using only the Moog Sub Phatty and document the results. So, off to the empty warehouse space in 20 degree weather to spend 3 hours creating. Equipment used was a Zoom H4n, Ableton Live, KRK Rokit 5, Canon 60D and, of course, The Moog Sub Phatty.

As an added bonus for anyone reading this blog we have included a link to download the Ableton Live session. Enjoy!



13 thoughts on “Moog Sub Phatty Demonstration with Nolan DeCoster

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  2. The unit we had was a 1 of 2 prototype so there were a few issue that would not be related to the production model. It’s also far too soon to think of any issues to be considered common. Really, the thing that is different from our unit and the one that’ll be commercially available was some of the front panel labeling will be different since it has gone through some firmware rewrites. I’ve been asked a lot about how long the sub phatty took to warm up and stabilize. The answer to that is no time at all! Part of the new oscillator design is the stability. Moog has taken advantage of modern manufacturing of componentry to get an analog synth that stays in tune and maintains its sounds under any condition.

  3. This demo video is so well done. Could easily see a series of these being produced as full on service. Really a step above most product videos. Have you guys done other ones in a similar fashion?

  4. I appreciate the demo and the Ableton Live project, but the raw audio has been processed a lot. eg. the bass line has 6db of lows and -2 db of mid/high cut and a flanger added for modulation. The Drums have saturation and a limiter added. Its a good example of the potential but does not represent the actual sound the synth creates.

    • That’s the reason why we included the session; so you can take a close look at what we were doing. It’s common practice to use EQ, Compression, Reverb and other effects when mixing a tune. The raw sounds are not themselves processed. In Ableton Live the plugins have an On/Off button at the top left corner; click that so you can hear what they sound like dry. When we created this we didn’t have a clear idea of what it would sound like by the end. So the sounds themselves weren’t created with the other ones in mind. That’s why I did some mixing to get it all to fit together and fun to listen to.

  5. Obviously it was Keith Emerson who really brought the Moog into center stage so to speak. A lot has changed since then. Thanks for this blog, it was a really good read.
    Rock On

  6. I cannot download the session. It shows an error message:

    /home/mike/public_html/ must have to be writable!

    Thanks and awesome demo!

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    • Sorry, I don’t think we have a copy of these presets saved, and it was performed on a prototype unit that was returned to the manufacturer.

  8. thanks for the excellent demo!…1 question: any hope the link will be activated again anytime soon?..

    it gives the following error:
    /home/mike/public_html/ must have to be writable!

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