Kooley High Rooftop Performance

Hailing from the dogwood heavy hills of North Carolina, super-group Kooley High arrived on the scene in early 2007. Two sturdy producers (Foolery and The Sinopsis), three intelligent and witty emcees (Tab-One, Rapsody and Charlie Smarts) and one keenly crowd-aware DJ (Ill Digitz), the group’s collaborative works have resulted in numerous features with Kid Daytona, Skyzoo, King Mez, Homeboy Sandman, Phonte and others.

Before hitting the stage later that night Ill Digitz, Foolery, Tab-One and Charlie Smarts dropped by for pizza, soda and rooftop antics.

Notes About the Recording:

The performance was recorded with Logic onto a USB external hard drive using a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2. For monitoring we had a QSC K10. Microphones were Electro-Voice N/D 767s. Files were transferred to Pro Tools and mixed.

The Electro-Voice N/D 767 is the mic of choice for live hip-hop vocal since they are designed to handle vocalists who tend to “cup” their microphone. Electro-Voice VOB (vocally optimized bass) technology reduces proximity effect and muddiness associated with close proximity capturing. The result is an incredible clarity, balance and level before feedback.

DJ Ill Digitz’ setup comprises of an Apple Macbook running Serato Scratch Live, a Rane TTM-57SL, and a Technics 1200. This is all he needs to make it to multiple gigs in one night with a fast setup and tear down time. He also has some impressive skills as a scratch DJ.