Erik Deutsch & the Korg SV1

Erik Deutsch is a local pro and ProAudioStar customer, you may have seen him with Charlie Hunter, Shooter Jennings, Norah Jones, Roseanne Cash, Erin McKeown, or maybe even back in the day with Fat Mama. He also leads his own band, and just had them in the studio with us to film a demo for the Korg SV1 73. Here’s a little about Erik:

It’s easy to imagine that Erik Deutsch lives inside a piano. His relationship with the instrument goes far beyond artist’s tool and well in to the territory of extension-of-one’s-self. No surprise then that some of the worlds most demanding musicians and performers request Erik for their keyboard accompaniment. If they’re lucky, they can get him in the rare moments when he’s not leading his own group through a truly modernist take on the jazz tradition. Having first come to prominence as a member of the seminal free-jazz collective Fat Mama (winner of the Jammy Award for Best New Groove), Erik has taken his talents across the country to play with some of the finest musicians available. Based now in Brooklyn, NY, he splits his time between his own jazz projects and backing the best and brightest in the east-coast singer-songwriter scene. He holds the distinction of being the only keyboardist ever to tour regularly with 8-string guitar master Charlie Hunter, and has been booked for the entirety of Shooter Jennings upcoming tour (in addition to playing all the keyboards on Shooter’s upcoming album). He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his 4th album as a bandleader, an electric psychedelic adventure in rock-tinged jazz.

Check out Erik and his trio killing the tune “Funky Digits” from his upcoming album “Demonio Teclado”, and Erik explaining the finer points of the SV1 73.

Home Lab Life Ep. 6: Taylor Kuffner – Gamelatron and more….

This Home Lab Life episode, featuring audio magician Taylor Kuffner, was shot back in the early Spring of 2011. Taylor is a frequent customer of ProAudioStar usually coming into to buy large speakers for his local rental company. We soon learned that besides hooking up large sound systems for underground parties throughout Brooklyn he is probably best known as the creator of the Gamelatron, a large robotized Gamelan that operates as a large, complex, MIDI instrument. He uses the same technology used in Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion, that was developed by Eric Singer and the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR). Using Ableton he composes vast scores that tell the myriad instruments in his Gamelan when and how to trigger. Of course, having pushed the limits of the Ableton software, its easy to understand why he is a popular instructor at DubSpot, a well known NYC based electronic music production school, and a featured artist on Ableton’s website.

We were very excited when he invited us into his large studio in nearby Greenpoint for an Episode of Home Lab Life. In addition to learning about his Gamelatron, and his experiences with instrument makers in Indonesia, we also learned about other projects he is involved with that include multi-point sound installations. We also got into a discussion about the importance of the live, physical experience of music, and how creating unique hard to replicate performances is perhaps the future of music. Note: Just a few days before this post the Gamelatron was featured in the main temple at Burning Man where it ran for 7 days with 1,000s of people enjoying its mystical sounds. Check out the Episode below. And for those interested we have also made the entire visit with Taylor available to listen to via the soundcloud player below as well. Enjoy…..

Taylor Kuffner – Home Lab Life Ep. 6 Extended Interview by ProAudioStar

Learn More:
Gamelatron Official Website
Zemi17 – Taylor’s personal website
LEMUR: League of Electronic Urban Robots Website