Numark NS6 Feature Video

Our feature vid on the Numark NS6 has been on the loose for a few days now but I’m checking in from the road to give some first hand impressions and behind the scenes details on this four deck controller before it hits the street!

I’ve been getting lots of questions on the jog wheels so here’s the deal: not motorized, but very responsive. Think of these as an upgraded version of the jog wheels you’d find on the Numark Mixtrack or Mixdeck. Solid metel construction and not too much travel make them comfortable to nudge and scratch on. I also liked that if you put some pressure into the wheel you’d get some tug from the spindle making it possible to get a little bit of resistance. As far as software response, these are some of the better non motorized wheels I’ve tried. They compare too, if not outperform the platters on the VCI-300 and make it possible to get fairly technical with practice. I’ll stick to my mantra, nothing’s the same as scratching vinyl, but as controller wheels go these are definitely workable for scratching in songs at the gig.

The solid metal construction isn’t limited to the wheels alone, the whole unit is cased in brushed metal which makes it pretty sleek looking. It’s still compact and not too heavy to case or bag up and bring to the gig, and the balanced outputs and separate booth out are particularly convenient if you like using an external monitor or need RCA leads for your home system. The mixer itself functions stand alone meaning you don’t need to send the audio from your CDJ’s or Turntables through your computer before it hits the main out. Very handy for integrating the NS6 into your current setup and using it without a computer when need be.

The two effects decks can be assigned to any channel or the main out. You can also put both effects on one channel giving you some extra performance possibilities like in the intro of my routine where I used the filter and echo on one track while tapping in the cue point. The faders for wet/dry are unique to the NS6 and make the effects pretty fun to reach for.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the NS6 for me is that it’s currently the only game in town if you’re looking for four decks in Serato ITCH with scratch style controls.  Until the market catches up, if you’re a vinyl control DJ who doesn’t want to give up Serato, but do want to dive into a controller with some extra decks and effects, the NS6 is your best look right now.  Thankfully it’s a solid entry to the four channel controller market to boot!

Here’s my playlist for the above video!

Munchi – Gracias

Mr. Vegas – Tek Weh Yuhself

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

Daft Punk – Da Funk

Space Cowboy – Always & Forever (Banana Seat Remix)

Banana Seat – Banana Theme

Boys Noize – Jeffer