Denon DN-MC6000 video with DJ Anubus

When saw DJ Anububus’s amazing DMC Online routine we sent him a message right away to see if he lived remotely close to us in NY and was interested being in a feature video.  Lucky for us both things were true and we met up with Anubus in Brooklyn to hand off a Denon DN-MC6000.  He spent a few days with it and came up with the routine you see above.

Anubus had never used a dedicated DJ controller before but was used to his M-Audio Trigger Finger for cue points and effects, so diving into the controls on the MC6000 wasn’t hard for him. He made efficient use of both the virtual decks and sample decks in Virtual DJ and kept one channel switched to analog input to sprinkle scratches in via a Technics 1200. I got a chance to ask Anubus a few questions about the MC6000 while we were on the shoot:

Thanks again to Anubus for checking out the DN-MC6000 and coming up with a totally ill routine on the quick. Watch out for more music, and videos from Anubus in the near future on his website and in the finals of the DMC Online Championship happening in August!

4 thoughts on “Denon DN-MC6000 video with DJ Anubus

  1. I Love my DN-MC6000 “it’s the Swiss Amry knife of Midi Controllers”, Special thank to Nolan for great ProAudioStar Customer Service!

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