Novation Ultranova Feature Rundown

To follow up on the debut of our Ultranova Madness video we wanted to be sure we gave you the basic rundown on what’s under the hood on Novation’s new synthesizer.  Using hardware synthesizers are great for generating sounds hands on and can lead you to entirely new sounds or song ideas you wouldn’t have composed staying inside your software.  But once you’ve bounced those sounds into your track it’s hard to get them back and tweak them later in production. Saving presets onto an actual synth will help you keep track of the sounds you are making, but if you have multiple sessions and tracks going on it can be easy to lose track of which presets were used where. Novation has done a great job of integrating this synth and it’s sounds directly into your DAW with a plug-in style synth editor that controls the Ultranova unit, and a synth librarian that lets you import and export patches.   At the touch of a button it can go in and out of Automap mode giving you access to the keys and knobs on the Ultranova to function as a standard MIDI controller for your software as well.

The wavetable synth engine and high quality effects unit on board the Ultranova give it some great potential for programming sounds and tweaking presets. The conductive rubber encoder knobs allow or easy editing of patches and effects and also let you instantly add effects to your sounds when your patches have “touch mode” enabled.   Being able to add these effects via touch, and the high quality Fatar keybed make the Ultranova a dream to play in the live scenario.

See these and other features up close in the video above, and be sure share our Ultranova Madness music video on Facebook or Twitter to be entered to win your very own Ultranova synth!

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