Midi Fighter Kits Back In Stock!

Happy to announce we have a limited number of Midi Fighter kits back in stock.  Most people who came by to check out the Midi Fighter the first time we had them in stock were interested enough to dive in and build their own, so DJ Tech Tools was good enough to send us enough of each color arcade button to allow for some flexibility in customizing your Midi Fighter.  We have some projects for custom editions in the works as well!  This is still an in-store only special so if you’re interested in seeing one in person stop by our shop in Brooklyn for the low down.  Here’s our intro video if you missed it the first time around.  Stay tuned for more featuring these units!

Blue Spark Microphone First Look

Our friend Danny stopped by the shop with the brand new Spark condensor microphone from Blue and we pulled him aside to get a quick word on this microphone. At $199 retail the Blue brand name is now in reach for musicians on a budget. Perfect for anyone purchasing their first condensor mic. Or if you already have a growing mic collection this may be one to put in the cabinet for extra character and at this price why not?  Get the full run down from Danny in the above video and stay tuned for a full review of the Spark here on the blog!


ProAudioStar is based in Brooklyn. If you haven’t heard, we got a bit of snow ’round here this past weekend. Here’s a little peek at what working at PAS is like right now.

The view from out our front door

Right around the corner, this fancy SUV learns that it is not, in fact, stronger than Mother Nature

Very few streets are plowed, but the few that are know what's important to keep clear

This is a rare example of a car NOT buried in snow

This snowdrift is taller than 60% of our staff

These TV's picked a bad night to sleep under the stars

The residents of this street have apparently forgotten the Mr. Plow song

Snow 1, Daniel 0

Denon DN-MC6000 First Look

We were psyched to finally have the last of the big four channel controllers we’ve been anticipating come into the warehouse the other day and shot this overview on the unit right away.  Check the video above for a detailed look at the layout and ins and outs of Denon’s new DN-MC6000 controller.   We also have the Odyssey case for this unit in stock!

I mentioned the .TSI file for this unit was on it’s way and recently got the skinny on where to find the official one from Denon.  You can customize your midi map in Traktor Pro but this one will get you up and running:

Our Denon rep sent over another handful of useful links including links to upgrade prices and comparison charts:
Keep in mind those links go to Denon’s company endorsed website but hopefully they will be helpful to people interested in this controller.  Stay tuned for more featuring the DN-MC6000!

Home Lab Life Ep. 3: Mister A*OK

For this edition of Home Lab Life we checked in with Mr. A*OK. I first met Marko in Boston and have been lucky enough to cross paths with him DJing on the radio and in the club there and here in New York. Since moving to NY Marko has set up a nice sound treated studio on the top floor of his Bedstuy apartment.  He gave us some pointers for sound insulation and bass frequencies from his experience as an acoustic consultant.  Watch the video for an in depth look at his use of Owens Corning insulation and his home made bass trap, which is actually a multilayered broadband absorber.

Gear wise Marko is an Ableton head and also grabs samples from records and his Juno-106 when building mixtapes and tracks. An MPC guy at heart he keeps his 2000 on hand and also has an M-Audio Axiom controller and Novation Launchpad for putting together clips and ideas. Marko uses an analog volume stage before hitting his Alesis M1’s to avoid turning his volume down digitally. His volume controller is made by SM Pro but works similarly to the Mackie Big Knob or TC’s Level Pilot which let you reduce your volume at the analog stage and keep the full headroom of your interface.

You can catch Mr. A*OK DJing in and around the Brooklyn area as well as collaborating with artists on Famous Class records. Hit up his Twitter for all the latest. Thanks again to Marko for inviting us up and showing us around the home setup!

(NAME THIS SERIES) Pedal Review with Jeremy


Leave your name ideas for this pedal review series in the comments below. The winner will get a Korg Pitchjack Tuner!

Hey kids!  Welcome to the first installment of our new, currently nameless pedal series.  The boss-man has decided to unshackle me from the Returns desk from time to time to enlighten you beautiful people to our ever-growing pedal inventory.  In the coming months, I will be demoing various pedals from our stock, as well as other guitar gear we sell here at ProAudioStar.  If you have any suggestions for any pedals you want to see me play, or any pedal combinations/styles/sounds, feel free to leave a comment on the Youtube channel, or on our blog.  We got some cool new products coming in all the time, and we would love to hear your feedback.

The first unit we took for a ride is the Maxon PT999 PhaseTone.  This thing is sweeeeeet!  Phaser pedals are kind of a one-trick pony, so the quality of sound becomes the most important factor when choosing one.  I personally prefer a warm, classic kind of sound (think Gilmour, Van Halen, Skynyrd, Hendrix, you get the idea).  That being the case, this box delivers the goods.  If I had to describe the sound of this pedal in words, I would say it is subtle, yet crisp.  However, you don’t need my words.  You can watch me play it in this video!

Maxon as a brand is very unique.  Unlike most companies that make “reissues” of old classics, Maxon still uses the same components that were used in effects back in the day.  Most companies cheap out on components as a way to keep prices low.  However, this usually results in a pedal that is noisy, and sounds more like a shadow of what is says it’s supposed to be.  Of course, that means that Maxon pedals cost more.  However, I’ve never thought about how much I paid for a piece of gear while I was playing it unless it sucked.

To me, the PT999 sounds a lot like I hoped the newer MXR Phase 90’s would have sounded when I tried them.  It is remarkably lush sounding, and doesn’t add extra noise to your signal chain.  It’s also super simple:  One button, and one knob.  The knob controls the rate of the oscillation of the effect.  If you want the real deal, old school phaser, I recommend this pedal above all others.  Should you decide to get one for yourself, give us a call, email gear@proaudiostar.com, or hit us up on Live Chat on our website.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this pedal, leave us a comment on the video channel, or on our blog.  Stay tuned for more videos, featuring pedals from Pigtronix, Guyatone, and WMD.  Until then, crank it up!

Novation Ultranova Feature Rundown

To follow up on the debut of our Ultranova Madness video we wanted to be sure we gave you the basic rundown on what’s under the hood on Novation’s new synthesizer.  Using hardware synthesizers are great for generating sounds hands on and can lead you to entirely new sounds or song ideas you wouldn’t have composed staying inside your software.  But once you’ve bounced those sounds into your track it’s hard to get them back and tweak them later in production. Saving presets onto an actual synth will help you keep track of the sounds you are making, but if you have multiple sessions and tracks going on it can be easy to lose track of which presets were used where. Novation has done a great job of integrating this synth and it’s sounds directly into your DAW with a plug-in style synth editor that controls the Ultranova unit, and a synth librarian that lets you import and export patches.   At the touch of a button it can go in and out of Automap mode giving you access to the keys and knobs on the Ultranova to function as a standard MIDI controller for your software as well.

The wavetable synth engine and high quality effects unit on board the Ultranova give it some great potential for programming sounds and tweaking presets. The conductive rubber encoder knobs allow or easy editing of patches and effects and also let you instantly add effects to your sounds when your patches have “touch mode” enabled.   Being able to add these effects via touch, and the high quality Fatar keybed make the Ultranova a dream to play in the live scenario.

See these and other features up close in the video above, and be sure share our Ultranova Madness music video on Facebook or Twitter to be entered to win your very own Ultranova synth!

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AIAIAI’s entry to the DJ headphone world has gotten a ton attention. They seem to filling a few voids here offering a rugged headphone with simplistic design and sheik low profile look (no logos or shiny parts). There have been a lot of reviews so far lauding their sound quality, rugged feel, and comfortable fit. I wore them for a day in our warehouse and can attest to their great sound quality. Both sets of switchable foam earcups sit nicely on the ears and don’t fatigue as quickly as others headphones I’ve worn. I’d want to drag them to a couple of months worth of gigs to see how they hold up structurally, but my guess is that with few moving parts and rubber coating they’d do pretty well. The headband is also flexible meaning you can wear them around your neck and hold a cup up to your ear without feeling like you’re straining them structurally. The foam ear pads are replaceable, as is the audio cable, which adds to the longevity of these headphones.

These headphones have been written up a few different places including DJ TechTools and Palms Out Sound, so we thought we’d do something a little different and get some nice high res images that show you everything you get in the box. It’s worth mentioning even the box itself is an attractive piece of design work. Check out full photoset on our Flickr page and see our product page for additional info.

See more photos in our Flickr set!

Winter 2011 Photoshoot: Pin-Up Models in the Warehouse


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So we decided to try something new and have a photoshoot in our warehouse. With the help from an up and coming photographer, Hortencia “Tezz” Caires, we got together four models, a fashion stylist, a hairstylist, and a make-up artist to the warehouse on a Saturday. It took all day, but we had a lot of fun. Let us know what you think of the results. If this one goes well we will do a shoot every season. Be sure to share this page on facebook and twitter. If you share it on facebook be sure to choose your favorite photo as a thumbnail.

Check out more photos on Flickr


@ProAudioStar Winter 2011 Photoshoot – Pin-up Models and Pro Audio Gear http://bit.ly/fZQDUP, RT to win $250 in gear


Facebook Status Update:
@ProAudioStar Winter 2011 Photoshoot – Pin-up Models and Pro Audio Gear (http://www.proaudiostar.com/winter-2011-photoshoot-pin-up-models-in-the-warehouse) Share this link on Facebook to win $250 in Gear.

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Photographer – Creative Director:
Hortencia Caires

Prince Franco

Shavaughn Nikki Byrd

Models (left to right):

Bridget Ploof:

Denise Bowen

Sheila J

Jessica Shahinian