Loop Station World Championships

The Boss RC-50 Loop Station may be the most capable loop pedal on the market. It’s no wonder it’s developed it’s own cult following of users that go way beyond it’s roots as guitar player. I posted a video of Cut Chemist using one of these a few weeks go but have since stumbled on an entire slew of videos entered in Boss’s Loop Station Championship. Entries in this year’s contest were submitted via YouTube and the finalists will be performing October 23, 2010, at 6:00 PM at Musicians Institute (MI Concert Hall) in Hollywood, CA. Not sure what the judging criteria will be like but will the multiple formats of talent shows on primetime TV now one can only imagine. Seems like a pretty open format though and cool idea for a contest.  You can see the 6 finalist from the US at the Boss US contest page and above are some of last year’s finalists from the UK (couldn’t find any from last year in the US). Not surprised to see Dub FX in there his street busking video on YouTube is classic at this point. Wonder if he won:

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