Dicer Giveway Week 2 Roundup

Only 2 weeks left in our Dicer giveaway and some more great photos on our wall this week. Here are thre e that caught my eye. Winner will be drawn on Nov. 3rd but check out these setups in the meantime!

This setup from Matt Longoria also known as DJ Scramble.  Nice use of compact space with a Project Mix I/O rig and lots of controller options at your fingertips.  Launchpad, Maschine, X1, nanoKontrol, LPD8, Oxygen and Axiom so much stuff!

DJ Wildchild Jimmy Mathews has a nice little DJ commune for him and his roommates with Techs, PDX’s, Ecler mixers and NS7 all at the ready.  Nice mood lighting as well.

This setup looks pretty fun.  I imagine most of this stuff gets broken down and brought to the gig but what better way to store it then as a mini arena rock setup for your laptop! Carry on Kyle Cochran.

Two more weeks to hit us up on Facebook.  Upload your photos!!!

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