VoiceLive Touch video with Shane Grace Allen and Chango

We linked up with Shane Allen to demo the VoiceLive Touch after seeing her perform in Brooklyn and catching her solo performances on the LES. We asked if she’d give the Voicelive Touch a try.  She’d been working on some new tracks with her Turkuaz bandmate Mike Haziza and as soon as they got their hands on the VoiceLive Touch it inspired them to write an entirely new track under the project name “Chango.”

It was really impressive to watch Mike lay down a beatbox and backing vocals for Shane to sing and perform over. Watching Shane sing the verses and change her effects on the fly while playing piano really proved this pedal is effortless to use. This one small unit definitely does a lot and the touch screen makes the effects of the VoiceLive Touch all the more accessible and responsive.

It was great to get an in depth preview of this pedal before it’s release and thanks again to Shane and Mike for showing us what they’ve been up to with the VoiceLive Touch. We’ll have the VoiceLive touch for sale on our website as soon as it’s available so be sure to check back often for purchase and ship dates. If you really can’t wait to get your hands on this unit call us for a deal on a pre-order.

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