Mixtrack Pro and new M-Boxes!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the new Mixtrack Pro from Numark for a few hours at the ProAudioStar warehouse so we made a quick video overview.  It’s essentially the same controller as the Numark Mixtrack with the addition of a sound card so you can cue in headphones and send you main mix out via RCA.  As I said in the video, I was pretty impressed with the jog wheels and responsiveness of the faders on this unit when using it with Virtual DJ.  I didn’t take the time to map it to Traktor but there may already be Traktor maps floating around for the Mixtrack that can be adapted to work with the Mixtrack Pro.  I’d say this is a very serious competitor to the Vestax Typhoon and anyone in the market for an entry level controller should give this a look.  The bundled software (Virtual DJ le in this case) is a notable difference and something to think about when weighing controller options as switching software after the fact will take an additional investment.

Also on our YouTube channel, post takes a quick look at the new M-Boxes from Avid.  This home studio standard interface gets a long overdue update that looks cleaner, feels nicer, and most important of all it sounds better.  You’ll see the Mbox and Mbox mini in the video.  There’s also an Mbox Pro we’ll be stocking as well.  Pro Tools recently reinvigorated their software with version 8 and now you’ve got the updated interfaces to match.  Don’t be scared to use these with other DAW’s like Logic or Ableton either as the Mbox line is a trusted easy to use interface for all applications.

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