Pioneer DJM-2000 Unboxing and Overview

Another quick vid from the warehouse this time looking at the DJM-2000.  This flagship model in the DJM series is the most decked out with a huge touch screen to control on board effects or send CC data to you DJ software. The screen itself can be set to button, slider, and X/Y pad like controls. The effects section gets it’s own expanded layout in the middle of the mixer with a dedicated EQ for the effects channel. The DJM-2000 can link with up to four CDJ-2000 or 900’s to create a seamless network that lets you source off of one deck and control your media across all of your decks. If you’re used to the feel of the DJM-800 or 700, you’ll feel right at home in front of the 2000 and appreciate the extended effects controls and new possibilites the touch screen has to offer. We’ll definitely be seeing high end clubs and touring rigs using these mixers more and more. It’s been tough to keep these in stock so be sure to call now to get your hands on one at a great deal!

One thought on “Pioneer DJM-2000 Unboxing and Overview

  1. Do you, or do you know of anyone that owns aDDJ-S1? If so, I have a question about the mic 1 input. I’m getting very poor sound quality when I hook up my wireless mic. I was troubleshooting and it’s definitely not the microphone. Is this problem common or do I have a defective controller?

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