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In our latest episode on Winksound we take look at another one of the four channel controllers making waves in the controller community, the American Audio VMS4. Check the vid above to see my quick overview and read on to get my in depth take on the VMS4:

When I first plugged in to Virtual DJ LE (the software the VMS4 comes with) I was a little disappointed that it only let’s you mix on two decks.  There’s a four deck version of Virtual DJ coming out soon so hopefully American Audio will embrace and even include a four deck version with the unit.  For now you’ll need to use Traktor to take full control of the 4 channels available on the VMS4.  The traktor maps available from American Audio will get you started but I found it hard to use when switching between my main decks (A and B) and secondary decks on each side (C and D).  The 4 deck map also didn’t let you nudge tracks with the jog wheels which you should be able to do with the included plastic coverings for the jog wheels.  These functions are all midi mappable though so you can add them to your mapping in Traktor’s map editor.  So it’ll take some fine tuning to get it working with Traktor on four decks but as users get more familiar with the VMS-4 we’ll probably see some better mappings pop up in forums and on the VMS website.

Tech shuffle aside I was surprised by the responsiveness of the jog wheels, buttons, and faders on this unit.  The touch mouse pad is a little clumsy but the midi touch strips next to the jog wheels seem like a cool idea and can be used for shuffling through your library.  All around I think this is a great choice if you’re a Virtual DJ user looking for a new controller that’s plug and play.  If you’re really into the layout and feel of this controller and can spend some time editing the midi map in Traktor it’ll get you mixing on four decks there as well. The switchable analogue inputs and real mixer are a nice touch that make this unit versatile. XLR outputs also ensure it’ll be nice and loud at the gig. All around some nice touches on a feature rich four channel controller that’s half the price of it’s competitors.

7 thoughts on “American Audio VMS4 Video

  1. As of 28 Dec 10 has the software on the VMS4 been upgraded to outfit 4 decks. If not and if upgraded to Tracktor will this cause a conflict with the other software equipted with the unit out of the box. Would you have to delete Virtual DJ LE then upload Tracktor. Maybe I just answered my own ?
    I look forward to hearing back from you. I must say I am impressed with this unit.

    Thank You

    • Virtual DJ 7 now works with four decks but you will need to upgrade to the pro version to do so as the VMS4 only comes with Virtual DJ LE. I am not aware of any problems running Traktor and Virtual DJ on the same machine should work fine.

  2. i am currently thinkin of getting this unit for my dj,s, but am concerned about some reviews posted on a few forums ..does this vms4 come with traktor and.. is the traktor edition also has the issue with the mic input been resolved and the reset problems been addressed i await your reply
    Chris . Cajon

    • Hi Chris. The new version of the VMS-4 will ship with Traktor LE but we do not have them in stock yet. I am not aware of any hardware changes to the unit the only thing that is different on the new one is the software it comes with and the labeling of controls on the unit.

  3. hey ghostdad, thinking about picking one of these up soon, how do you know if its the one that ships with traktor le? I’m currently a traktor pro user and sold my vestax typhoon to help pay for this and I’m anxious to get my hands on one but don’t wanna buy a version now that would require more mapping instead of just waiting for the new one (depending on how long of course!) If you could give me some estimate on when we can expect the vms4 to come with traktor?

    • New versions of the VMS-4 will ship with a special 4 deck version of Traktor. The ones we currently have in stock ship with Virtual DJ LE that can be upgraded to Virtual DJ Pro to play on four decks. Both will be optimized to map automatically to their versions of the software they come with. VMS-4 Traktor edition is expected sometime in March but these dates sometimes change according to the manufacturer so check back often to find out up to date arrival times!

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