Allen and Heath Xone DX Video

Our video for the Allen and Heath Xone DX is now live on the nets care of Winksound. Overall I had a lot of fun with the Xone DX. I was able to get mixing on four decks quickly and easily in ITCH, perhaps because I was already familiar with Serato Scratch. But the DX seems pretty well laid out for intuitive mixing and control of effects. This wasn’t really designed as a “scratch” style controller but I’m kind of glad Allen and Heath put their attention into the details of mixing rather then something that would imitate turntable effects. The less time you spend scratching or beat matching like with actual vinyl, the more time there is to get busy on effects and creative mixing with extra channels and this mixers puts those options at your fingertips.

The audio purist in me wished the controller used multi channel outputs and actually ran audio through analog EQ’s of a real Allen and Heath Xone mixer. This would also allow use of the analog inputs without a computer being attached (handy if switching laptops in a live set). The multi channel inputs are a nice bonus though as this can also be used as your recording interface at home.

One quick correction to the video is at 0:35 seconds I say this is the “only controller that works with Serato ITCH,” when what I meant to say is that it’s the “only 4 channel controller currently out that works with ITCH.” Just wanted to interject that before peeps on the net jump on my back :).

Hope this provides you with some more insight on the Xone DX!

3 thoughts on “Allen and Heath Xone DX Video

  1. i have the Xone DX and I’m thinking about hooking up some CDJ’s. would the unmark ndx800 run with itch and the Xone DX?

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