El Guincho Live Setup

Caught El Guincho (the recording alias of Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa) at Mercury Lounge last night.  He put on a great show with added bassist and guitar players who did backup vocals.  Pablo plays centerpiece with a synth, samplers, and drum pads, all of which we happen to stock here at ProAudioStar!

I think I saw some Nova Delay’s floating around the stage, and the bass player had an MPC-500 as well. Even with all these electronic elements they played a tight set and people were way into it.

See El Guincho again tonight at Que Bajo at Santo’s Party House in Manhattan, and check out their most recent (some nudity NSFW) video to see some quick shots of El Guincho in action. Here’s a safer for work interview he did with XLR8R a few year’s back:

Pioneer DJM-2000 Unboxing and Overview

Another quick vid from the warehouse this time looking at the DJM-2000.  This flagship model in the DJM series is the most decked out with a huge touch screen to control on board effects or send CC data to you DJ software. The screen itself can be set to button, slider, and X/Y pad like controls. The effects section gets it’s own expanded layout in the middle of the mixer with a dedicated EQ for the effects channel. The DJM-2000 can link with up to four CDJ-2000 or 900’s to create a seamless network that lets you source off of one deck and control your media across all of your decks. If you’re used to the feel of the DJM-800 or 700, you’ll feel right at home in front of the 2000 and appreciate the extended effects controls and new possibilites the touch screen has to offer. We’ll definitely be seeing high end clubs and touring rigs using these mixers more and more. It’s been tough to keep these in stock so be sure to call now to get your hands on one at a great deal!

VoiceLive Touch Video Coming Soon feat. Shane Grace Allen

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the product videos that we shoot with the crew from WinkSound. You may have seen the three videos we’ve produced with them so far. If you haven’t check them out (VMS4, Xone DX, Vestax Typhoon). We’re excited to say that we are taking these videos to the next level by bringing in more local artists to demo the gear they use. We mentioned a week ago that the next video we release will be with Wynne from the band Twin Shadow demoing the Nord Wave.

Our next video after the Nord Wave will be for the yet to be released VoiceLive Touch from TC Helicon. It is a vocal effects processor similar to the VoiceLive 2 that features a touch screen interface. We gave a prototype unit a local singer songwriter Shane Grace Allen to check out and demo for our video. She actually had never used vocal effects with her music, but she was excited by the possibilities. So excited that she actually wrote a brand new song inspired by using the VoiceLive Touch. So we went ahead an shot her performing her new song along with the product demo.

Until the video is released you can check out Shane playing a set at Rockwood Music Hall via @musiconvideo

Check Out Shane Grace Allen’s music:
MySpace – Shane Grace Allen
Myspace – Turkuaz – Funk Band Side Project

Hear My Gear Ep.1 – Guilty Ghosts

Pleased to unleash our new web series Hear My Gear in partnership with Swan 7 studios and New Town Radio. New Town has been hosting local music acts on Tuesdays in their studio, and now you’ll get the rundown on what the bands are using here at ProAudioStar. Dillon went over and got the rundown with Guilty Ghost, the solo project from Tristan O’Donnell, for this debut episode.  GG’s ambient stylings are helped by a slew of guitar pedals and a few tape recorders playing back loops.  A Mackie mixing board helps him mix sources and and keep it all balanced and add some additional effects to the final mix.  Find out more about what Tristan likes to use in the video above.

Listen to the full recording session at Newtown Radio

Swan 7 Recording Studio (Located off the Montrose L train stop)

Nick Scott Drops

DJ Ghost Dad Dry Drops – Nick Scott by ProAudioStar

PAS customer DJ Nick Scott made me some dope sounding drops! Nick daylights behind the mic at Electric 102.7FM WVSR in Charleston, Wv. so it’s no wonder he’s got the golden voice. He also holds down residencies at clubs in the Charleston area. Check his facebook at the link below! Any DJ’s looking for quick drops he’s available at reasonable rates holler at him.  His voice sounds dope even without effects added!

DJ Nick Scott on Facebook

Book Nick Scott

Cut Chemist Loops it Up

Grand Master Citizens: Cut Chemist from Society Theory on Vimeo.

Nice interview with Cut Chemist where he talks about how his current single turntable, mixer, and loop station setup came to be.  He relies on the Boss RC-50 Loop Station to loop up breaks from 45″s through his DJ mixer. It looks like a challenging and interesting way to perform and lets him really keep the “live’ element you sometimes lose behind a laptop. His mixtape Sound of the Police features Cut Chem chopping up foreign 45″s and making his own edits on the fly.  You can stream it and buy it for download on his Bandcamp. Funky stuff!


Adult Swim is great not just for mind bending Sunday night television, but for all the other crap they give you for free on their website. The latest offering from their music department features “16 tracks of rare or unreleased metal.” Some “buzzworthy” metal bands on there but I checked in with resident PAS metal head Jeremy who said there’s “some hipster stuff, but looks mostly quality to me.” He also had good things to say about the metal fest Scion throws annually (Scion also co-sponsored this release). Branded and brutal entertainment abound in the link below:


Midi-Fighters in the Warehouse!

If you’ve been in the shop in the last few days you may have seen these little controllers crawling around my desk.  Well now the cat’s out of the bag!

We’re teaming up with DJTechTools as the only location hosting Midi-Fighter kits on the East Coast! While there’s plenty of info online about building and customizing your own Midi-Fighter, you can now stop by ProAudioStar in person to get up close and personal with the device.  Check out this photoset of the first two we put together here at the shop in ProAudioStar colorways:


This is an IN STORE ONLY item and we’re encouraging those interested in these kits to come check them out in person.  I’m here daily from around 11am to 7pm and can show you this mapped to various softwares. In the video above I’m sending off some simple sound effects with my own sampler built in Max/MSP. We’ve got some plans for custom and artist editions here at the shop but for now we’ve got these basic builds and kits waiting in the wings so come check em out!

Find out more about the Midi-Fighter at MidiFighter.com and of course DJTechTools. Our prices on these standard kits will be the same as you see there.

Coming Soon: Wynne from Twin Shadow with the Nord Wave

We just wrapped shooting with Wynne from Twin Shadow on our next video from WinkSound. She shows off her new Nord Wave and how she’s used it to make it easier to play the tracks of their new album in a live setting. The Twin Shadow video below shows a clip of her playing with her old set-up. Stay tuned for the Nord Wave video.

Till then catch them on tour.  They just left this week!

Date Venue Location
Oct 15 Free Instore @ Mishka NYC Brooklyn, NY
Sep 20 9:30 Club Washington, DC
Sep 21 Orange Peel Asheville, NC
Sep 22 The EARL Atlanta, GA
Sep 24 Antone’s Austin, TX
Sep 25 Granada Theater Dallas, TX
Sep 27 Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ
Sep 28 Belly Up Solana Beach, CA
Sep 30 Echoplex Los Angeles, CA
Oct 01 Bimbos 365 Club San Francisco, CA
Oct 07 The Riot Room Kansas City, MO
Oct 08 Schubas Tavern Chicago, IL
Oct 09 Brillobox Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 15 Free Instore @ Mishka NYC Brooklyn, NY
Oct 26 Madame Jo Jo’s London, United Kingdom
Oct 27 Free instore @ Rough Trade East London, United Kingdom
Oct 28 Hoxton Bar & Kitchen London, United Kingdom
Oct 29 Club Folamour ! at Point Ephémère Paris, France
Oct 30 Festival Novosonic @ L’Anteum Reims, France
Nov 16 The Southern Charlottesville, VA
Nov 17 Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, PA
Nov 18 Middle East Downstairs Boston, MA
Nov 19 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY