Going to the gig with Chris Devlin

Caught up with my Jamaica Plain cohort Chris Devlin in my travels this week. He wasn’t on the way to any gigs but I got a quick glimpse at what he usually throws in the bag over his home setup. Here’s what he carries:

  • Macbook laptop
  • Serato SL1 box
  • 4 Shure m44-7 needles
  • Line 6 Echo Park delay pedal
  • Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample
  • Lacey external hard drive
  • assorted records and Serato vinyl

Chris likes to get creative when DJing solo with a Line 6 delay pedal and the original Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample. He also holds down a rock solid set behind rappers Spank Rock and Amanda Blank and carries two pairs of Shure m44-7’s to be extra fail safe.  His external hard drive holds Logic sessions for working on the road.  Chris doesn’t use a midi controller when he DJ’s but has sort of “customized” his Macbook keyboard, painting and trading out keys over time to put the controls he needs in plain view.  Pretty neat!

Catch up with Chris’s production and bloggage at FullyFitted.com.  And send me what’s in your bag if you’ve got the makings of cable pasta in there!

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