If Everybody Likes It, It Must Be Good: The Magic Of Metacritic

I’ve been reading reviews for a long time.  To the point where I have favorite critics, just like I have favorite authors and journalists.  As the world of news media continues to evolve and expand however, it’s sometimes difficult to track down where my favorite music or movie critic is publishing their work.  So as the media evolves, so does my consumption of media criticism.  Imagine my elation then when I discovered a sight that collects all the major music and movie reviews available online (from such sources as Pitchfork and AllMusic, not that I necessarily endorse either one).  Metacritic not only collects reviews from all around the web, it also compiles aggregate scores based on each sites scoring criteria, and then ranks the albums, movies, etc based on those scores, additionally subdivided by year in the music category.  Besides being a great place to see what “everybody” is saying about an album that you’re interested in, it’s also a fantastic source for new music.  Try any of the “best of” lists to discover music you may have missed out on over the last decade.  There’s been sites that collect tech reviews and such for years, it nice to finally have a similar source for reviews of the world of creative expression.  An educated consumer is a happy consumer.

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