Technobeam: The New Deal Live In Brooklyn

I’m still polishing up the Phish post, but in the meantime, The New Deal were at Brooklyn Bowl last week. Turns out their SPD-S was not. Lucky for them, I live in Williamsburg, and had my bandmate Zack Hagan‘s SPD-S with me. So I brought them a sampler, and they let me take pictures of Darren and Jamie’s rigs (Dan’s rig is a secret, but for a good set of ideas on how to craft similar tones, check back for our photo breakdown of Jojo Mayer & Nerve’s rig next week). Breakdown will happen later this week, once I’m done wrangling the Phish post (thanks again to all the even-bigger-nerds-than-me who helped out with that). Anyway, without further ado, Darren Shearer and Jamie Shields of The New Deal’s current rig:

One quick caption before I forget. Didn’t manage to get a great shot of it, but that’s a vintage Korg CX-3 Organ under the similarly vintage Roland Juno-106.

More to come, and as always, feel free to drop any suggestions in the comments, or email me directly at wayan-at-proaudiostar-dot-com.

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