harDCore Live! Fugazi's Concert Archive

People who were young and angry from the late 80’s through the early part of the millenium, rejoice!  DC’s favorite redheaded stepsons, Fugazi, are apparently preparing to release their surprisingly complete live concert archive online within the next year.  World of Fugazi has more regarding the news, directly supplied to them by Fugazi’s very own Fly Girl, Guy Picciotto.  Everybody get your rage out, but don’t forget to be respectful of those around you.

If Everybody Likes It, It Must Be Good: The Magic Of Metacritic

I’ve been reading reviews for a long time.  To the point where I have favorite critics, just like I have favorite authors and journalists.  As the world of news media continues to evolve and expand however, it’s sometimes difficult to track down where my favorite music or movie critic is publishing their work.  So as the media evolves, so does my consumption of media criticism.  Imagine my elation then when I discovered a sight that collects all the major music and movie reviews available online (from such sources as Pitchfork and AllMusic, not that I necessarily endorse either one).  Metacritic not only collects reviews from all around the web, it also compiles aggregate scores based on each sites scoring criteria, and then ranks the albums, movies, etc based on those scores, additionally subdivided by year in the music category.  Besides being a great place to see what “everybody” is saying about an album that you’re interested in, it’s also a fantastic source for new music.  Try any of the “best of” lists to discover music you may have missed out on over the last decade.  There’s been sites that collect tech reviews and such for years, it nice to finally have a similar source for reviews of the world of creative expression.  An educated consumer is a happy consumer.

Beyonce's Band Jam Session w AKG

Beyonce’s got a killing band right now, all female, including my friend Nikki Glaspie on drums.  AKG happened to film a jam they had in Vienna recently.  We share with you the spoils of such riches.  Enjoy.

Jojo Mayer & Nerve: In The Studio

We have a complete photo breakdown of Nerve’s gear going up next week, but in the meantime, peep their own video, recorded at bassist John Davis’s studio The Bunker (we may also do a breakdown of The Bunker’s gear very soon).  It details their recording process and their approach to making electronic music with live instruments.

Nerve in The Bunker, no.3 from Jojo Mayer / Nerve on Vimeo.

Technobeam: The New Deal Live In Brooklyn

I’m still polishing up the Phish post, but in the meantime, The New Deal were at Brooklyn Bowl last week. Turns out their SPD-S was not. Lucky for them, I live in Williamsburg, and had my bandmate Zack Hagan‘s SPD-S with me. So I brought them a sampler, and they let me take pictures of Darren and Jamie’s rigs (Dan’s rig is a secret, but for a good set of ideas on how to craft similar tones, check back for our photo breakdown of Jojo Mayer & Nerve’s rig next week). Breakdown will happen later this week, once I’m done wrangling the Phish post (thanks again to all the even-bigger-nerds-than-me who helped out with that). Anyway, without further ado, Darren Shearer and Jamie Shields of The New Deal’s current rig:

One quick caption before I forget. Didn’t manage to get a great shot of it, but that’s a vintage Korg CX-3 Organ under the similarly vintage Roland Juno-106.

More to come, and as always, feel free to drop any suggestions in the comments, or email me directly at wayan-at-proaudiostar-dot-com.