Video: Tame Impala Rocks the Northside Festival

Tame Impala came and conquered Williamsburg this weekend. Their show at Glasslands was definitely the most popular show off the main stage. People were lined up down the block trying to get into the sold out show. Glasslands, known for their lack of air conditioning, was pushing 100 degrees with off the charts humidity as the people kept packing in. The band has gotten a lot of buzz, due in part to a glowing Pitchfork review of their new album “Innerspeaker”. Tame Impala’s sound, which fills a void in the current indie music scene, also has a lot to do with it. They have been compared to Cream, and other classic rock acts with a psychedelic bent. But their groove based rhythm section and fuzzy guitar lines references the German band Can more than anything else. There aren’t that many bands right now doing the psychedelic rock thing without venturing into a country-blues-Hill-Billy sound, or a adding unnecessary layers of tasteless electronica. Needless to say their tracks are fresh, simple, and filled with hooks left and right buoyed by Kevin Parker’s John Lennonesque vocal style.

Their humble stage presence is seemingly beyond their years. They were all incredibly poised on their instruments and showed off a quiet charisma that made it real easy to sink into their grooves. Anyways, check it out for yourself – we took some video of their show.

Also, it turns out that Tame Impala’s sound engineer, Jim Scott, has been a loyal customer of ours. Apparently all the microphones you see on stage minus two vintage sennheiser microphones were purchased from ProAudioStar. Awesome!

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