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KickStarter.comDid your last order with us leave with no money to record your new album, pay rent on your practice space, or hire that killer producer? Well, your in luck because the website is here to help you. The website allows artists and bands to collect donations from fans, friends, family and even total strangers. Over $1.5 million dollars have been raised on the site — just in the last month. A well planned Kickstarter campaign could refill that bank account, and help you complete your next project sooner then you thought.

How it works

To use Kickstarter you must post a project along with a funding goal and a deadline to reach that goal. You will receive the money people have pledged only if you reach your goal. So it’s all or nothing. People will only be charged once the goal is reached.

Once your project’s goal is reached Kickstarter collects the payments and deposits the money in to your bank account, after taking a 5% commission.

Raising Money.

You may be wondering why people would just fork over their hard earned money to your project? Obviously you need to offer some incentive for them. For some people, if your project is exciting/cool enough, they might just pledge because they just want to see your creation come to life. But generally its important to offer them some kind of piece of your final product.

  • Describe your project

    Of course it is important to describe your project in as much detail as possible. People will want to know exactly how the money they give you will be used. Tell them why you need the money, and what it the money is going towards.

  • Offer Rewards

    On your Kickstarter page you can set additional rewards for people who make pledges. A reward can be as simple as a free album download for anyone who pledges $5. You can also have rewards for different pledge amounts. If someone pledges $1000 bucks, you can reward them with a custom song, free tickets to shows, or even rewarding them by cleaning their bathroom. Offering fun and valuable rewards is crucial to raising money. Be sure to browse around other projects to get some ideas.

  • Post a Video

    If you want random strangers to invest in your project, making a fun video introducing yourself and your project goes a long way. People want to know that you are actually serious about your project, and that you are not just gonna take the money and do nothing with it.
    Check out this Kickstarter page with a really entertaining video

    You don’t have to get too crazy with your video. Even a simple video with you talking to the camera can increase your odds of getting pledges.

  • Tell People

    Once your project is up you have to get the word out. Link to your Kickstarter page on your MySpace page, your website, on Facebook, on Twitter, anywhere and everywhere. Ask your friends to share your page on their facebook as well. And if you know someone with a popular blog or website get them to link to your page.If most of your friends are young and poor, try to get the word out to adults, a good way to do this is to ask your parents to tell their friends about your project. People who have held down steady jobs and have savings are more likely to throw you a few bones then your starving artist friends who are more likely to start their own Kickstarter page. A lot of projects can be funded just by family support, the site makes it easy for aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc to help you out.

  • Tell ProAudioStar

    If you start a Kickstarter page, let us know and we may decide to feature your project on our website which will drive lots of traffic to your page. We are in the works of giving people discounts on gear who support our customer’s projects on Kickstarter, stay tuned.

You might be surprised with how much money you can raise, and how much support is out their for your project. Kickstarter’s platform is great for helping you to articulate your project, and give it visibility. So don’t wait, get your project up there today.

This post was inspired by Mike, who runs our returns department. He posted a Kickstarter page to help his band raise money for a vinyl release of their upcoming album. Check out his project and throw him a few bucks, as of this writing his band is about half way to their goal.

Grandfather – “Why I’d Try” – Straight to Vinyl

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